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olive oil tasting


Price: €20,00

Location: UGENTO

Language: ITA, ENG

Participants: min 5 people


Experience the oil production cycle for yourself, from the olives to the delicious and famed 100% Italian Extra Virgin olive oil! Learn from the experts how to taste it and pair it with local wine and typical products.


This 40-mins experience, in addition to the oil tasting, involves a guided tour at the oil mill through all the stages of the process: from the olives to the extraction of the high quality olive oil. The oil tasting includes a sensory analysis of 5 different types of oil: starting with the Monocultivar (selection of only one olive variety), the Native Apulian Cultivar, certified PGI and PDO Terra d’Otranto; and a oils selection, light and intense. Here is the oils selection:

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Intense – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Light – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Monocultivar Ogliarola

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Monocultivar Coratina

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Monocultivar Frantoio

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– PDO Terra D'Otranto e PGI Puglia

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Additionally, our guests will enjoy local products, of which olives, tapenade and tarallini, paired with 4 types of wine: – Negroamaro red and rose – Primitivo red – Vermentino white

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