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AD 1517 Lounge Bar

The Bastions of San Domenico

Riviera Nazario Sauro, 133, 73014, Gallipoli


It was Anno Domini 1517. At the first light of a fresh spring morning a light breeze rippled the sea under the west bastion. Coming from Lecce, an old carriage pulled by a panting horse left behind the Altolido greenhouse between two rows of silvery olive groves. With difficulty he finally managed to cross the wooden bridge and cross the Porta terra. Greeted by a crowd of waiting faithful, three friars of S. Domenico disembarked with the task of founding their own community in Gallipoli.

The year is 2021 but time seems to have stopped in the sixteenth century. We are on the roof of the splendid Boutique Hotel "I Bastioni San Domenico" where respect for the past, the authenticity of the places, the clean lines and the materials of the past describe this place as a dive into the Italian past.


It is here that, with a look towards the sea, AD 1517 was born. The terrace represents a tribute to Italian art, culture and architecture. The goal was to create a place where the natural elements blend into each other: the water of the splendid sea, the air of the sky that is always blue, the fire of the baroque fireplace coming from a patrician house and the land of the warm floor in Lecce stone. Coming out of the lift and looking straight ahead, everything is sea and sky. All the Apulian elements have been carefully recreated on the terrace, but the space remains free, versatile and malleable in order to be transformed into a lounge bar, restaurant or location for special events.


The sense of infinity is perceptible in every corner of the rooftop, where the guest's gaze is lost in the horizon thanks to the counter overlooking the sea.


We opted for minimal furnishings in order to let the space speak: comfortable Ethimo chairs, in a cardinal red that alludes to the Christian component, a refined mise en place composed of teak root plates, family silverware and Apulian ceramic bowls made by local artisans.

It is a sober and light decor since it is the terrace itself that tells its own story and conveys its authenticity.

The terrace

A rooftop on the most panoramic roof of the entire historic center of Gallipoli. A 180-degree sea view that embraces the entire gulf, including the three islets to the west, among which stands the island of Sant'Andrea illuminated by its monumental lighthouse. The terrace represents the perfect union between the sacred and the profane, a corner of the most archaic Puglia, made up of dry-stone walls and nineteenth-century fireplaces overlooking the sea. 

The aperitif at sunset

The view at sunset is spectacular and the aperitif is a must. From the elegance of raw seafood, whose freshness is guaranteed by the owned boats, to the taste of Apulian dairy products (giuncate, burrata, capocollo, the crunchy bread of Altamura). The most representative wines of the region complete the excellent gourmet aperitif.

Aperitif hours: 18:00 – 21:00

The after dinner

Accompanied by relaxing lounge music, away from the noise of the city and in front of the fireplace, the terrace is the perfect place to end a day at the beach in complete relaxation. The house offers the finest distillates, selected from the most remote corners of the world: Cognac, Bas Armagnacs from famous vintages, whiskeys, some of the purest gins and some of the finest rums in the Caribbean.

Hours after dinner: 21:30 – 01:00


The Bastioni San Domenico - Boutique Hotel

Riviera Nazario Sauro, 133, 73014, Gallipoli


Phone +39 0833263607

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